Updates Coming soon in Walton County

Improvements Coming in
Walton County

You may already be seeing improvements for some areas in Walton county.  Below is a compilation of some of the changes that have already been approved:

A New left turn lane will be coming to Co. Rd. 30A at Co. Rd. 83 in Blue Mountain Beach.

Other areas for turn lanes are Co. Rd. 283 and Co. Rd. 30A at the edge of Grayton Beach.

The intersection, near the public parking area serving Grayton Beach, and other locations along 30A will be equipped with traffic signals to replace the stop signs and flashing red lights currently in place.

A new parking area is to be completed on Co. Rd. 393 near Co. Rd. 30A on a 2-acre tract near the often- crowded Ed Walline Regional Beach Access.  Once completed, there will be 89 new regular parking spaces, 11 goft-cart parking spaces and a small building to be used as a public transportation stop.

A 4.8 acre tract of land, located at Professional Place and U.S. Hwy 98, will be a new parking lot near beach access and less than a half of a mile from the often-filled Miramar Regional Beach Access on Scenic Gulf Dr.  There's a possibility there may also be a designated area to make a stop for future trolley service.

Approval has been given to begin designing a neighborhood beach access just off of Headland Ave. in the Seagrove Beach community.  This is a project that has been in the works for a long time as the county needed to resolve some legal issues.  Now that everything has been resolved they're beginning to move to the next phase.
Residents of the area largely are in favor of this new access, as they showed their approval during a recent meeting with the commissioners.

Bids with preliminary design proposals to design and build a 800 to 1,200 Sq. Ft. building located on Hotz Avenue in Grayton Beach to house gender-specific public restrooms and waiting area spaces designed for public transit vehicles. Presentations will be sent for review, adjustments and cost estimates made for final approval by the Commissioners. New transportation locations are being designed to encourage locals and visitors to use the service to help alleviate traffic problems.

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