The PURPLE Flags are Flying in Walton County! Find out More!

For Locals and Tourists alike, BEWARE of a large presence of Jellyfish that have been spotted along an over 25 mile stretch in the Gulf waters in South Walton County!

The lifeguards overseeing the waters don't want you to panic and if the purple flags are out it shouldn't mean that you can't continue enjoying your day.  With the current along the beach we don't know from one day to the next if there will be jellyfish where you're planning on visiting.  Depending on the wind speed and the amount of marine algae determines the amount of jellyfish and where they go.

Upon arriving to the area that you want to stake your claim for the day, take note on what kind of flags are flying and take appropriate measures.  If you do get in the water and there are purple flags flying make sure to move if you see jellyfish around.  While most jellyfish stings aren't dangerous, some are and some affect people in different ways.

IF you do get stung and it's your first time, seek out a lifeguard in the area to find out how you can treat your sting as soon as possible.  If the reaction is too painful don't hesitate to call 911 immediately to get the care that you require.

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