Start Preparing Your Home for Fall & Winter Now!

**Portions of this Article from Reader's Digest -**

Now that the kids are back in school, the last Summer Holiday has passed, it's time to start thinking about getting your home ready for what the Fall & Winter could bring.

  1. Make sure your gutters are cleaned out
    Remove leaves & any other debris that has fallen into your gutters throughout the Spring & Summer.  If you live in cold weather climates any weight of snow puts undue pressure on your gutters.  They could break away from your home and your gutters wouldn't work properly in the future.
  2. Clean the Fireplace & Chimney
    Clean out all ash and charred wood from the fireplace, but if it has been awhile since you had the flue cleaned out you'll need to call a professional who'll know the best way to clean it and check the damper.  If soot builds up in the chimney it could possibly cause a fire in your home.
  3. Check out your heating system
    If it's been awhile, make sure you change out the filters, check all heating vents to make sure they're clear and not blocked or covered to help your heating be at it's best in the most important season of the year!
  4. Check for any drafts
    Another way for your heating system be at it's maximum efficiency is to make sure there are no drafts around windors and doors and seal.  Not only will this help your heating system it will lower your heating bills, which we all know can get really high!!
  5. Check out your water heater to make sure it's running correctly and clear out any debris that may have settled in the tank.

These are just a few things that you can do to take care of your home and you can enjoy the  warm & cozy winter nights!


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