Solutions Sought to Handle Overflow Parking Problems on Navarre Beach

As Spring turns into Summer and everyone begins wandering outside from the long year we've experienced from COVID-19, the few Parking Lots with Beach Access along Gulf Blvd. on Navarre Beach have been constantly FULL on the weekends.

2 lots specifically were addressed in June's Tourist Development Council meeting due to Handicapped parking problems.  Because these lots are not paved or marked, beach goers are taking up every inch they can find.  They're unaware there are Handicapped Parking spaces or they're supposed to be parking on the sides of the lots and leaving the middle of the lots open for cars to Enter and Exit.

Now the Tourist Development Council is taking action to find a "fix" for this problem.  Right now they're placing barricades in the middle of the parking lots from Friday nights through Sunday nights and removing them during the week.  We're not sure what will happen when Summer arrives.....

The most sensible solution would be to pave the lots and mark the handicap and parking spots so it can clearly be seen where people are supposed to park.  But with that, it means it will cost money.  The Tourist Development Director has approached the county's risk management department about the possibility of paving but haven't received a quote yet for the project.  If there hasn't been a solution by the August meeting they will revisit the subject again.

But for now.... PLEASE follow the rules of these parking lots so that everyone can enjoy their visit to Navarre Beach.  Make sure you don't block Handicap parking spots or park in the middle where no one can exit the lots.

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