Santa Rosa County Finally Reaches Settlement with Owners of Delapidated Navarre Beach Property

Located on the West End of Navarre Beach, this dilapidated Brick home is the last house on the south before you enter Gulf Islands National Seashore.

For years, since the devastating effect from Hurricane Ivan in 2004, this home has sat with no repairs made, windows broken, graffiti written and has been an eyesore these past almost 17 years.

Neighbors have been complaining for years that, because of the boarded up home, their property values have gone down.

Finally, Santa Rosa County lawyers and the homeowners have reached an agreement to bring this home back up to code.

This 4 phase, 180 day timeline has been set for the Homeowners to complete needed repairs.

Per the agreement, by September or October all repairs will have been made.  Hopefully by then all parties will be satisfied.

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