NEW Real-Time Monitors installed in Navarre to help alleviate Traffic Issues

New Efforts Underway to Help with the

Everyone who has travelled through Navarre on Hwy 98 and visited Navarre Beach knows that the best way to keep from getting stuck on the road is by timing your trip..... until now.....

At the March 16th Tourist Development Council meeting, an update was provided by Commissioner Dave Piech on the years-long problem of Navarre & Navarre Beach traffic.

Piech announced to the Council the devices to monitor real-time traffic have now been installed on US Hwy 98 & Hwy 87 and the Navarre Beach Bridge.  State traffic personnel will be monitoring the devices and the traffic cameras will help to evaluate and respond to the traffic issues in REAL TIME.  This will help monitor the Navarre Beach Bridge backups and create plans to change the light patterns to adjust accordingly.

Also, the anticipated NEW Traffic Signal coming soon to the Navarre Beach Causeway and Gulf Blvd. will allow the signals to be adjusted for faster flow of traffic in the congested areas.

This has been a year's long problem that all locals and visitors have wanted to see addressed and corrected.

Stay tuned for any additional adjustments that may need to be made to help make Navarre a more friendly place to travel to! 

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