Navarre Beach Tourism Surges in November During the Pandemic


After suffering through the dismal Spring months of 2020, when most of the country was in lockdown due to the Pandemic, Navarre Beach Tourism soared.

When Florida began to reopen their doors, it was evident that vacationers were eager to get back to normal after being shut inside, and go out and play and enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches around.

The numbers are astonishing with tax revenue being up almost 27% in October and 55% in November.  Total tax revenues for the year came in at $3.5 million, being only $400K less than 2019.

Unfortunately, Pensacola Beach and Perdido Key didn't fare as well.  Tax revenues on Pensacola Beach were up, but just by 3% in November.  Perdido Key's revenue dropped by 30% in November.

So, why did Navarre Beach do so well but Pensacola Beach and Perdido Key did not?  Most contribute it to the fact that the Three-Mile Bridge was closed due to hurricane damage. Also contributing could be that Navarre Beach only has one hotel while Pensacola Beach and Perdido are filled with hotels, which were closed.  Hurricane Sally was definitely a factor for the lower revenue.

Things are looking up this year as we emerge from the grip of the Pandemic and past challenges.

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