Expect Delays on Hwy 98 in Walton County during Road Widening

It seems that EVERYWHERE you go they're working on the roads!  It's something you can't get away from but once it's over the traffic SHOULD flow better!  It's just the wait that takes so long!

Right now the 3.4 mile stretch between Emerald Bay Drive and Tang-O-Mar Drive is scheduled to be complete sometime this Fall.  Unfortunately, another project is preparing to ramp up sometime this month on Hwy 98 between Mack Bayou Road and Scenic Hwy 30A.  Both of these projects are ROAD WIDENING from 4 to 6 lanes and will include construction of new 5-6 Foot Sidewalks on the North side of the road, updated Pedestrian crossings where Traffic Signals are present and more.

While there will be some relief after the Fall, you can expect delays to last into late 2023 for the completion of the 1.8 mile section on Hwy 98.

So don't forget to PACK YOUR PATIENCE and leave a little early if you're travelling in that area.

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