Don't Put off buying that new Home! See Why You Should Buy a Home Now!

Making the Case on
why you should 
Buy a Home NOW!

The winds of change are coming, we've seen the signs this past year.

While many have taken advantage of lower home prices, the lowest mortgage rates in history and supply meeting your demand, that is quickly changing.

With the country suffering with higher prices for food, gas and most everything else, housing is also going up as the supply has diminished the demand has grown.  This year we've seen bidding wars, properties being sold at Higher prices than List Price and properties going under contract within of days of hitting the market.

It's hard to predict what to expect with the Real Estate Market for 2022, but this is what we know:

Housing market inventory is still low

Home building has taken longer to complete due to the Pandemic and Supply Chain issues

With Supply Chain issues prices are going higher on most building materials needed for building

This leads to higher prices for homes as the builders have to pass along their costs of building materials

We've enjoyed Mortgage rates being at historically low levels but they're predicted to rise in the coming year.  Some look for rates to climb to 3.6% by the end of 2021

Home prices are expected to keep rising and in many areas, they are going up so high that living in certain areas of the country are becoming unaffordable for many.

With these in mind, while the housing market is still very strong, the case to buying a home now is top of the list for many people while they're still affordable.

Don't wait until prices have gone beyond your reach, consider buying now before you won't be able to afford a new home.

Call Amin Delawalla today at 850-225-9899 to learn more on our local housing market and what you can do before the market changes for the worse.

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