County Commissioners Meeting includes an Update on Navarre Beach Projects!

Navarre Beach update

During the latest meeting of the County Commissioners,  the current Navarre Beach Manager gave a presentation showing current beach conditions from recent complaints received. 

From reports of vandalism, maintenance, parking lots, beach and trash, it seemed clear that one thing needs to take place, more cleanup crews are needed.

With an increasing amount of visitors flocking to the area it takes more manpower for the cleanup necessary to keep our beaches and areas clean.  Relying on our tourists is not an option.

Pictures of the area’s public bathrooms showed dispensers being pulled off of the walls and found laying on the floors, holes cut in the bathroom stalls, power boxes being destroyed and more.

Another area of concern are visitors staying overnight in the parks.  More and more locals are making reports of seeing homeless people loitering in the parks.

Future discussions will need to occur before anything can be accomplished and implemented.  Hopefully this can be fully addressed before the Spring Break season begins next year.

Also, during the same meeting, the District 4 Commissioner provided an update of the status of the traffic light to be erected on the Beach.  The possibility of it becoming a reality by Spring Break next year is unlikely as the cost and time from purchase to installation takes over 250 days.

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