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7 Compelling Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Agent: Real Estate Tips for Success

In the world of real estate, navigating the buying or selling process can often feel like a complex puzzle. From deciphering market trends to mastering the art of negotiation, there's a lot to consider. That's where a seasoned real estate agent comes into play. In this blog post, we'll unveil the top seven reasons why enlisting the expertise of a real estate agent can truly transform your property journey.

Reason 1: Market Knowledge Unlocking the Local Insights

When it comes to understanding the real estate landscape, realtors are your ultimate insiders. They possess invaluable knowledge of the local market, from pricing trends that can save you a bundle to neighborhood insights that make all the difference.

Reason 2: Negotiation Skills Your Advocate at the Bargaining Table

Picture this: you're about to seal the deal on your dream property. An experienced real estate agent steps in, armed with negotiation skills honed over countless transactions. They have one mission – to secure the best deal possible on your behalf, potentially saving you thousands in the process.

Reason 3: Time Savings Focus on What Truly Matters

Life is busy, and a real estate transaction can be time-consuming. With a dedicated Realtor handling property searches, negotiations, and the mountain of paperwork, you gain precious time to focus on what matters most to you – whether it's family, work, or your personal passions.

Reason 4: Access to Listings Discover the Hidden Gems...

Experience Serenity in Your Own Backyard: Delawalla Group Sells Stunning Home on the Watersound Origins Emerald Coast, Florida

Tranquility and Serenity: Delawalla Group Sells 277 Sandchase Cir, Watersound Origins, Panhandle Florida

The Delawalla Group is excited to announce the sale of 277 Sandchase Cir, a beautiful 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom home in the highly sought-after Watersound Origins community on the Emerald Coast of Florida. This stunning property offers a tranquil escape, with a premium lot that backs up to a serene pond and lush green space.

At the Delawalla Group, we understand the importance of showcasing a home's unique features, which is why we employed professional photographers and videographers to capture the stunning pond views and modern interior of this property. Our comprehensive marketing strategy resulted in a quick sale, with the home selling for an impressive 97% of the asking price.

One of the most appealing aspects of this property is the opportunity to experience serenity in your own backyard. Imagine sipping your morning coffee on the back patio, listening to the gentle sounds of the pond and taking in the peaceful surroundings. It's the perfect place to unwind and recharge from the stresses of everyday life.


Sold in Two Days: The Delawalla Group Celebrates Another Successful Sale in Watersound Origins, Southwalton,Florida

Stunning Waterfront Home Sold in Just Two Days: Delawalla Group Strikes Again in Watersound, Panhandle Florida.

The Delawalla Group is thrilled to announce that just two days after being listed on the market, the property at 39 E Sandlefoot Lane in Watersound, FL has been sold for 100% of the asking price. This stunning 3 bedroom, 3 bath home boasts panoramic water-views and is situated in one of the most secluded sections of WaterSound Origins. The home is built on a sprawling .18 acre corner lot, featuring a serene pond in the front and community green space in the back, providing a tranquil setting for peaceful living.

The highly desirable “Bayberry II” by Huff Homes is presented on a premium corner lot adjacent to a pond and community green space. With various upgrades, the open floor plan and a collection of luxurious amenities, we were eager to take on this home.

The Delawalla Group's effective and efficient marketing techniques proved successful in securing a full price offer for the Seller's within just 48 hours of the listing going active. Our commitment to exceeding our client's expectations and being a guiding hand throughout the entire journey is at the heart of everything we do.

We are thrilled to have been a part of this successful sale and are excited to see what the future holds for this stunning property. If you're looking for a peaceful, secluded home with breathtaking water...

10 Reasons why your Home isn't Selling

*10 Reasons Why Your Home Isn't Selling Posted on Aug 31 2021 by Jameson Doris

It's a Seller's Market but your Home isn't Selling
See how you can turn things around!

Even though this is a Seller's Market we're experiencing, sometimes your home just isn't making the cut. 

Below are the Top 10 Reasons why, so you can take action!

1.  You've overvalued your property
2.  The description on your listing wasn't capturing potential Buyer's attention
3.  You are present during showings
4.  You're too attached
5.  You've moved and your home is empty
6.  You have too much personal decor in your home.
7.  Your home improvements were customized to your likes
8.  Your home is too cluttered
9.  Too many repairs...

Annual Home Price Gains Hit Record High in June

*Annual Home Price Gains Hit Record High in June by JING FU on August 31, 2021 - National Association of Home Builders

Annual Home Price Gains Hit Record High
in June

In June, national home prices continued to rise at a fast and unsustainable rate.  Strong demand and low housing inventory have been driving home prices at double-digit growths for eleven months.  All 20 metro areas reported home price increases in June, while 12 of them had an acceleration in home price growth.

To read the entire article click here.


Should you Sell your Home Now or Wait Until Spring?

*Should I Sell My Home Now or Wait Until the Spring? | RISMedia's Housecall

Should I Sell My Home Now or Wait Until Spring?

There are many questions homeowners ask themselves during the selling process. "How much will my home sell for?"  "How much should I list my home for?"  "Who should I select as a real estate agent to sell my home?"  "What if the real estate agent overprices my home?"  Last but not least, "Is this a good time to be selling a home?" is also a very common question that real estate agents are asked.

As with every decision in life, there are pros and cons, and choosing when to sell a home is no different. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration before deciding when to sell a home. Many homeowners believe selling a home during the fall or winter months is not a good idea and that the spring is the only time a house should be sold. This is the furthest from the truth. Certainly most real estate markets across the United States experience a "spring market rush" every year. There is no doubt that the "spring market" is a great time to be selling and buying real estate, however, the fall and winter seasons may be the best fit for you for many reasons.

Here are several reasons why choosing to sell your home now may be a better decision than waiting until the spring:...

Easy Property Fixes to Prompt a Quick Sale


Easy Property Fixes to Prompt a Quick Sale
Small upgrades and aesthetic swaps can make all the difference in drawing buyers to a home.
October 26, 2020 | by Danielle Braff

Key takeaways:

  • Instead of replacing outdated furnishings, consider paring down decorative distractions to show off the natural attributes of a well-structured space.
  • Focus on flourishes in common, small hardware such as doorknobs and handles on kitchen cabinetry.
  • If there are significant property defects, play up the home’s backstory to redirect attention to a positive talking point.

Despite the thought and preparation that goes into listing a home, the two biggest hurdles to the sale are property photos, which should motivate buyers to request an in-person tour, and the showing, which needs to justify the photos, says Kenny Dahill, CEO and co-founder of Burbz Co., an à la carte property manager platform. Your sellers could do expensive home improvements like a kitchen renovation or a room addition. But how can they complete a project of similar impact without spending thousands? And after the work is done, how do you promote your listing’s new look?

The National Association of REALTORS®’ ...

8 Ways to Make Your Backyard a Summer Paradise

*Original Post on June 29, 2017 - 3:50 pm by Housecall
By Sage Singleton

Summer is the season to be outdoors. It’s the perfect time for backyard barbecues, neighborhood socials, and late-night evenings on the patio. You don’t need to travel to a luxurious and exotic location to enjoy spending time outdoors. Make your own backyard a summer paradise with these eight simple suggestions.

Inspect and update wooden decks

To make your backyard a summer haven, take some time to inspect and update your deck. Wooden patios and decks can be warped by cold weather, so you’ll want to replace loose or missing slats as needed. Sand, stain, and seal your deck once you’ve made sure it’s structurally sound. If you have a stone patio, check for missing pieces and update as needed. Once this is complete, you’ll have a shiny and appealing deck you can decorate with patio furniture—creating a relaxing sitting area for summertime.

Purchase patio furniture and essentials

Once you have a designated patio or deck space, you’ll want to add some patio furniture so you can sit down, mingle with friends and family, and relax. Consider purchasing weatherproof patio furniture that is both ...

4 Things NOT to Do When Putting Your Home on the Market

*Posted on December 29, 2016 - 10:27 am by Zoe Elsenberg on Housecall

4 Things NOT to Do When Putting Your Home on the Market

Editor's Note: This post was originally published on December 29, 2016. Housecall continues to share this piece due to ongoing requests and reader interest.

So you've decided to put your home on the market. Congratulations! Hopefully, you've brought a rockin' REALTOR® on board to help you list your spot, and together you've done your due diligence on what to ask for. As you start checking things off your to-do list, it's also important to pay mind of what not to do. Below are a handful of things to get you started.

Don't over-improve

As you ready your home for sale, you may realize you will get a great return on your investment if you make a couple of changes. Updating the appliances or replacing that cracked cabinet in the bathroom are all great ideas. However, it's important not to over-improve, or make improvements that are hyper-specific to your tastes. For example, not everyone wants a pimped out finished basement equipped with a wet...

Top 5 Landscaping Tips to Increase Property Value

Landscaping is one of the most important ways to increase your property’s value quickly. In fact, a gorgeous landscape design can increase the value of your home by at least 5 to 11 percent—and maybe more. The best part about landscaping is that even though it’s one of the most valuable home improvements you can make, it’s also one of the easiest. If you’re wondering how to turn your landscape into one of your home’s most valuable assets, here are some tips to get you started.

Match Landscape to Your Home’s Style

The best way to get an excellent return on investment with landscaping is to make sure it fits with your home’s style. For instance, if you own a Victorian home, a Japanese garden will be sorely out of place and may even lower your home’s value rather than add to it. In this instance, you’re much better off with a country or cottage-style landscape that blends in with the old-fashioned formality of your home.

The same holds true for more modern home styles, such as the prairie or industrial style. If your...