Our Sea Turtles need your help! You can help at the annual Soiree in Pensacola!

*Published in the Pensacola News Journal on December 7, 2019 by Mike Roberts, Special to the News Journal*

The sea turtles of the Gulf Coast could use a hand.  The Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center's "Scond Annual Sea Turtle Soiree" is poised to repeat last year's fundraiser, a coastal party for the sake of its adopted cause.  The big night is 7 to 10 p.m., December 13, at the Pensacola Beach Hilton.

"The support the community continues to show us, not only for this event but throughout the year, is truly humbling and we couldn't be more grateful," said Jennifer Polus, the center's executive director.

The inaugural soiree raised $12,000, which was used to build a covered outdoor classroom space.  This year's proceeds will support the center as a whole, guided by its mission is "To conserve and protect threatened and endangered sea turtles through community education and partnered research."  The evening starts with hors d'oeuvres and a full bar with live jazz by the Curt Bol Bank.  A silent auction follows, offering thematic gift baskets ranging from wine to windsurfing lessons and local art.

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Renovations planned for 9 Walton beach accesses

**By Nathan Cobb | GateHouse Media Florida | Posted October 5, 2019 at 2:43 PM as seen on

 Renovations planned for 9 Walton beach accesses

Santa Rosa Beach – Nine beach accesses will soon get a facelift to maintain Walton County’s coastal aesthetics.

With signs posted along the coast that read “coming soon, beach access closed for improvements,” renovations are planned for Inlet Beach, Gulfview Heights, Ed Walline and Dune Allen/Fort Panic regional beach accesses, as well as Nightcap Street, Hickory, Live Oak, Dogwood/Thyme and Highway 395 neighborhood beach accesses.

“They’ve reached their service life,” said Brian Kellenberger, director of beach operations for the Tourist Development Council.  “They’re not falling down by any means, but we don’t want to wait until they get structurally deficient.”

A meeting October 15 will determine when renovations will begin.  Kellengerger expects to get the ball rolling by Nov. 1.

He said that it should take 30-45 days to repair the neighborhood accesses – which will be done in sets of two – and roughly 60 days to fix up the regional accesses.  Along with bathhouses and picnic pavilions, which will remain open, alternate routes to the beach will also be provided at all regional locations except Gulfview Heights.


Census Bureau Results for Navarre Beach

**Florida Business Daily Reports - Oct. 20, 2019**

Census Bureau says Navarre Beach saw more residents
between ages 55 and 64 in 2017

Of the 995 people residing on Navarre Beach, a census-designated place in Florida, in 2017, the median age was 56, according to U.S. Census Bureau data obtained by Florida Business Daily.
The largest number of people were in the 55 to 64 age bracket with the fewest number of people in the 15 to 19 age bracket.
An agency of the U. S. Federal Statistical System, the Census Bureau is responsible for compiling statistical facts about the American people, places and economy.  Data for this story was compiled from the bureau's American Community Survey.  Information from the survey helps to determine how federal and state funds are distributed.
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Federal Reserve Lowers Rates

*NAHB - by Robert Dietz - Sept. 18, 2019

Fed Lowers Rates in September

The Federal Reserve reduced the key, short-term federal funds rate by 25 basis points to a top rate of 2% at the conclusion of its September Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting. This was the second cut in 2019, partially reversing a set of increases enacted in 2018. The more dovish stance of the Fed is good for housing and home building, as forecasts for slow growth continue to be a headwind for additional construction growth.

The Fed also reduced the interest rate it pays on bank reserves. This was a technical move aimed to improve the ability of the Fed to target the federal funds rate in markets. The Fed’s ability to manage this rate weakened this week due a number of liquidity concerns. The Fed posses the tools to increase its efficiency in this area, but such short-term interest rates bear watching in the coming months.

There was notable disagreement among the members of the FOMC. Three Fed regional presidents voted no on today’s move, with two arguing for no rate reduction and one a supporter of a more aggressive 50 basis point reduction. This disagreement, in opposite policymaking directions, is reflective of the greater amount of economic uncertainty that currently exists. These three dissents were the highest number since 2014.

Despite the uncertainty, the Fed’s economic outlook remained relatively unchanged. The Fed characterized the labor market as “strong,” with economic activity rising at a “moderate” rate. This mirrors the home building...

Start Preparing Your Home for Fall & Winter Now!

**Portions of this Article from Reader's Digest -**

Now that the kids are back in school, the last Summer Holiday has passed, it's time to start thinking about getting your home ready for what the Fall & Winter could bring.

  1. Make sure your gutters are cleaned out
    Remove leaves & any other debris that has fallen into your gutters throughout the Spring & Summer.  If you live in cold weather climates any weight of snow puts undue pressure on your gutters.  They could break away from your home and your gutters wouldn't work properly in the future.
  2. Clean the Fireplace & Chimney
    Clean out all ash and charred wood from the fireplace, but if it has been awhile since you had the flue cleaned out you'll need to call a professional who'll know the best way to clean it and check the damper.  If soot builds up in the chimney it could possibly cause a fire in your home.
  3. Check out your heating system
    If it's been awhile, make sure you change out the filters, check all heating vents to make sure they're clear and not blocked or covered to help your heating be at it's best in the most...

30-Year Mortgage Rate Declined in August

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For the eighth straight month, information compiled by Freddie Mac shows that mortgage rates continued to decline. As of August 2019, the 30-year FRM – Commitment rate, fell by 15 basis points to 3.62 percent from 3.77 percent in July. The cycle peak was 4.87 percent in November.

According to the July 2019 Federal Open Market Committee meeting statement, as expected, the Fed voted for a quarter-point cut in target federal funds rate to a range of 2.00-2.25 percent. This move was a result of growing global uncertainty for the...

Wildlife Refuge Plans to Open this Fall near Navarre

By Duwayne Escobedo | 315-4489 | @DuwayneENWFDN |
Posted Aug 15, 2019 at 11:59 AM

HOLLEY — Bill Andersen worked Wednesday to complete a sixth habitat for its animal ambassador, Riley the striped skunk.

“We’re going to have a very happy skunk on our hands,” said Anderson, as he left a growing tree for it to play on.

It is part of the new $1 million digs for the popular Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge being built on a wooded 2.3-acre parcel in Holley just north of Navarre off State Road 87. The refuge rehabilitates and releases injured or orphaned wildlife indigenous to Northwest Florida. It also responds to strandings of marine life along an 85-mile stretch of Gulf Coast beaches.

Plans call for two more than 2,000-square-foot buildings for education and outreach and for rehabilitation. It will include 23 habitats total, mostly for the wildlife refuge’s ambassadors, which are animals too injured or too dependent on people to live in the wild.

Bill and his wife, Carol, who goes by the nickname “Stormy,” donated the land, which is part of their 6-acre property that includes access to East Bay.

The wildlife refuge has outgrown the aging and cramped fire station on Okaloosa Island that it has used...