Elevate Summit 2023: Delawalla Group REAL ESTATE Named Top Realtor Team in 30A, Santa Rosa Beach, and Navarre Beach Areas,Florida

Elevate Summit 2023: Delawalla Group REAL ESTATE Named Top Realtor Team on 30A, Santa Rosa Beach, and Navarre Beach Areas, Florida.

As the top real estate team on the 30A, Santa Rosa Beach, and Navarre Beach areas, the Delawalla Group REAL ESTATE team was honored to attend the Elevate Summit 2023. Hosted by Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, this event was a chance for us to learn, grow, and celebrate our success.

At the summit, we had the opportunity to share some of our most successful marketing strategies and sales techniques with other top realtors. We discussed how we focus on providing exceptional service to our Buyer and Sellers, staying up-to-date with industry trends and technologies, and simplifying the home buying and selling process as much as possible.

Of course, we know that success is not a one-time achievement. As we look forward to 2023, with planning and execution of our next steps. We are committed to expanding our team, building new partnerships, and exploring new markets. And we are excited to continue working with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Beach Properties of Florida, our partner in success.

We believe that our commitment to excellence and innovation is what sets us apart from other real estate teams on the 30A, Santa Rosa Beach, and Navarre Beach areas. By staying ahead of the curve and providing exceptional service to our clients, we are confident that...

Concerned about the current housing market? This is still a great time to buy and sell a home along the 30A

Although the housing market is cooling off a bit, there are still many reasons to buy or sell a home along the 30A!

For buyers, unlike the housing market of 2007 and 2008, risky loans and mortgage deliquencies are low and interest rates are still within reason. Although home prices are higher due to demand during the pandemic, we are seeing inventory increasing. According to an article from CNBC, "As higher housing costs begin to max out some buyers' budgets, those who remain in the market can look forward to relatively less competitive conditions later in the year." 

For sellers, the 30A with its pristine beaches, year-round vacation feel and wide selection of entertainment and dining, remains a desirable location for those wanting to relocate or purchase a vacation/getaway home. 

Check out this story from CNBC for more details on todays current housing conditions.


5 Reasons Why you Should Visit the Sunshine State


There are so many reasons why Florida is one of the most popular places to go for their vacation getaway, but we have 5 Reasons that will make you want to call your agent and BOOK YOUR VACATION TODAY!!

Click here to find out what they are!


New Study Reveals what would make you Happier!

Study Complete on What Makes People Happier!

Recently The 30A Company commissioned the University of Alabama to conduct a study to see what helps people to be happier and the results are finally in.

This study surveyed ONLY people randomly chosed between the ages of 25 and 55 years old.

Click here to read the study and see if you agree with the findings!


NEW Real-Time Monitors installed in Navarre to help alleviate Traffic Issues

New Efforts Underway to Help with the

Everyone who has travelled through Navarre on Hwy 98 and visited Navarre Beach knows that the best way to keep from getting stuck on the road is by timing your trip..... until now.....

At the March 16th Tourist Development Council meeting, an update was provided by Commissioner Dave Piech on the years-long problem of Navarre & Navarre Beach traffic.

Piech announced to the Council the devices to monitor real-time traffic have now been installed on US Hwy 98 & Hwy 87 and the Navarre Beach Bridge.  State traffic personnel will be monitoring the devices and the traffic cameras will help to evaluate and respond to the traffic issues in REAL TIME.  This will help monitor the Navarre Beach Bridge backups and create plans to change the light patterns to adjust accordingly.

Also, the anticipated NEW Traffic Signal coming soon to the Navarre Beach Causeway and Gulf Blvd. will allow the signals to be adjusted for faster flow of traffic in the congested areas.

This has been a year's long problem that all locals and visitors have wanted to see addressed and corrected.

Stay tuned for any additional adjustments that may need to be made to help make Navarre a more friendly place to travel to! ...

Approval Given for 10,000 Seat Amphitheater & Walking Trails in Walton County

In a recent Board meeting in Walton County a vote, and unanimous approval was given for a zoning change for a 220 acre tract of land in the sound end of the county.

This approval gives the green light to the 10,000 seat amphitheater, two roads linking Chat Holley Road and US Hwy 98 creating opportunities such as walking trails and more.

While there is no exact date for work to commence it's expected to begin soon, according to one of the Walton County commissioners, Danny Glidewell.

The money used to build the amphitheater will come from the Tourist Development Council's proceeds received from the bed tax charged to visitors.

To read more about what this zoning change means click here.


2022 Real Estate Trends for Florida

We learned some interesting Real Estate Statistics from the Florida Realtors Mid-Winter Business Meetings held in Orlando earlier this year.

Florida's top buying and selling groups include the millenials, who are the largest groups, in their mid-30's.  Don't count out the Gen Xers and in Florida, the retirees are always a part of the equation.

Top factors that need to be considered this year are the inflation numbers and how it will affect every day Floridians and their resiliency.  We've enjoyed a long run of historically low interest rates, but with the inflation fears the Federal Exchange is expected to raise the rates, some say as many as 6 times in 2022, some expecting it to begin in March.

A qualifier this year, and for the past two years, is the Pandemic and how it affects our economy for 2022.  Due to vaccine mandates, businesses have had no choice but to close, while most of their employees have contracted the Omicron variant of COVID and required to isolate themselves leaving businesses struggling to keep open.

While the Pandemic has run rampant throughout the world, from the first variant and morphing through at least 2 other variants, it is no secret that businesses have ran out of day to day supplies that they've needed to stay open.  With many products being made in China and other foreign countries, these problems have only compounded these past two years.  These issues are being seen in our ...

Local Restaurant Makes the TOP 100 of Best Restaurants in U.S.

Everyone loves a good meal out!  Whenever you're traveling to a new area you always wish you knew where you could stop in and eat and have an amazing meal.
With Yelp's 9th Annual Restaurant Review you'll get to see the TOP 100 Restaurants based on the reviews for each restaurant from Florida to Washington or New England to California.
You'll see several Florida restaurants on the list, but the closest one to our area is Shunk Gulley Oyster Bar in Santa Rosa Beach. If you love oysters you'll love this place with views of the Gulf and the white sandy beaches.
Click here to Dive into the other 99 Restaurants


Can the Experts Really Predict what's in Store for the 2022 Housing Market?

Not only has the entire world been on a wild ride these past couple of years, the Housing Market has experienced its share of unforeseen challenges!

For Sellers its been a dream come true, with multiple buyers swooping in and above-list price offers the first day it goes on the market.  Some Buyers ready to move in with Cash purchases.

For Buyers it's been pretty demanding and almost becoming a full-time job to try and be the first one to make a move on a house once it pops up on the screen.  They've had to rely on photos they see or videos their realtor has made to decide to make an offer NOW!!!  Many have lost sleep and wondered if they would ever find something they love, or if they do love it how much will they need to offer to get theirs accepted.

The Pandemic, no doubt, has thrown everyone for a curve, whether they've been in the Real Estate Market or not.  Who knows what to expect with the virus not seeming to let up.

So how can anyone be able to predict how the market will be in 2022?  Too many variables for anyone to know.  Mortgage rates.... Home prices, Supply shortages, you name it.

Click here to see what the "experts"...

Plans beginning for Navarre's Centennial Celebration

Even though its not until 2025, it's not too early to begin planning the festivities of the Centennial Celebration of Navarre's 100th Anniversary!

It's not going to be your normal 100 year anniversary, this one will be celebrated the ENTIRE year so anyone visiting or living in Navarre will know how special 2025 will be to everyone around.

If you want to be a part of the planning of this monumental event don't hesitate to contact the Navarre Beach Chamber of Commerce at 850.939.3267.

Help make it one of the most memorable events of Navarre's history!


Updates for Navarre and Navarre Beach

Updates for Navarre & Navarre Beach

During a recent Navarre Beach Leaseholders and Residents Association Meeting, Commissioner Dave Piech provided updates and confirmations for Navarre & Navarre Beach.

Improvements will soon begin along Gulf Blvd. on Navarre Beach after the county accepted a bid from a local landscaping company.

The County has applied for a Grant to put a bike path along Panhandle Trail that will connect Hwy 98 to the NYSA fields and Navarre High School.

Commissioners will not approve any additional extensions for finishing construction at the Navarre Park after they previously extended it another 43 days.

A new Hotel on Navarre Beach is making progress to begin construction on 3 lots where the Old Barracudas was located on Gulf Blvd.  Although it's not known yet what the name of the hotel will be, it is assured to be a higher end property.  The hotel will consist of 210 rooms with half of the rooms dedicated for a short term stay and the other half will be used for longer term stays.

For those living in the area, you've seen 2 derelict boats floating in the Santa Rosa...

Home Prices and what to Expect in 2022

The Real Estate Market has been booming for well over a year and, according to the Experts, the country will still be experiencing strong gains throughout the coming year.

As the Pandemic subsides and the world begins to get back to normal, people are expected to flock back to the major cities that were locked down for so long, therefore, a surge in the Northeast, Southeast and the West Coast is to be expected.

There will not only be more moving, those either Buying or Selling will also be forced to live with the fact that housing prices will be increasing.  Don't expect the inventory to get much better in the near future too.

To learn what else the experts are saying click here.


Updates Coming soon in Walton County

Improvements Coming in
Walton County

You may already be seeing improvements for some areas in Walton county.  Below is a compilation of some of the changes that have already been approved:

A New left turn lane will be coming to Co. Rd. 30A at Co. Rd. 83 in Blue Mountain Beach.

Other areas for turn lanes are Co. Rd. 283 and Co. Rd. 30A at the edge of Grayton Beach.

The intersection, near the public parking area serving Grayton Beach, and other locations along 30A will be equipped with traffic signals to replace the stop signs and flashing red lights currently in place.

A new parking area is to be completed on Co. Rd. 393 near Co. Rd. 30A on a 2-acre tract near the often- crowded Ed Walline Regional Beach Access.  Once completed, there will be 89 new regular parking spaces, 11 goft-cart parking spaces and a small building to be used as a public transportation stop.

A 4.8 acre tract of land, located at Professional Place and U.S. Hwy 98, will be a new parking lot near beach access and less than a half of a mile from the often-filled Miramar Regional Beach Access on Scenic Gulf Dr.  There's a possibility there may also be a designated area to make a stop for future trolley service.


2 Area Communities Recognized as BearWise

2 additional communities, one in Santa Rosa Beach and one at Hurlburt Field have now been recognized and added to the BearWise Community Recognition Program.  In order to be recognized, the communities need to meet all 6 BearWise Basics requirements.

Communities bordering forests or wildlife preserves are more proned to having wild animals enter their communities. The Cypress Dunes community is one of those that have recognized this problem and are taking extra measures to keep the wildlife out.

Due to the increase of human-bear interaction recently the Homeowners Association in this community met with the Florida Fish and Wildlife authorities to see what they can do to mitigate this problem.  They feel one way to do this is by purchasing bear-resistant trash cans for every owner's dwelling and required their use in 2016.

As Hurlburt Field is also bordering a wildlife area they, too, experienced these issues and have begun taking this matter in their own hands, requiring bear-resistant dumpsters to be used in all on-base properties.

To learn more about how your community can be a "BearWise" community click here.


Walton County Getting Serious about Rules of the Beach!

Walton County has seen an alarming increase in drowings this past year on the Gulf of Mexico so  they're becoming proactive in efforts to keep beach goers out of the waters.

Earlier this year the fines were increased for those who disobey the Double Flag Warnings of the Beach. 
The fines for people not complying have been raised from $100 to a $500 Fine for those who defy the rules and disobey the law.

Other measures that will be taking place is through the enlistment of the Beach Vendors frequenting and selling on the Beach.  Once the Double Flag Warning is initiated Beach Vendors will begin collecting their chairs, umbrellas, etc. to deter people from staying on the beach

CLICK HERE to find out what other measures they'll be implementing to keep people safe during their stay.


Navarre Park Renovations may be extended past the Deadline

Possible Renovation Delays Coming to Navarre Park

**UPDATE** - On December 9th Commissioners will be asked to add 43 days on to the deadline for completion on the First Phase.  If approved it will change the deadline to January 28th.

An extension may be coming for the renovations to be complete at the Navarre Park.  Faced with weather and supply delays its been a challenging year.  Phase 1 was originally expected to be completed in September. The contractor was forced to put a change order in and, with the Board of Commissioner's approval, the date has been extended until December 17th.

Once complete there will be 20 more parking spaces, a new splash pad, playground, 3 shade structures and a kid-friendly restroom.   

The Permitting process for work to begin on the Seawall and Dock is moving forward, as they are under a separate contract than the other improvements to the park.

Two abandoned boats in the Santa Rosa Sound have been an issue that has been slowly winding through the courts for the removal process.

Stay tuned for an announcement once the re-opening date has been scheduled.


National Association of Realtor's Yearly Report show Fascinating Trends

National Association of Realtors 2021
Buyer's and Seller's Preferences

Now in its 40th year, this in-depth study by the National Association of Realtors, is a snapshot of what's important to Buyers and Sellers now, what has changed, and why. 

The report found that the top two factors for motivating homeowners to sell was the desire to live closer to their relatives and friends and their desire for more space in their homes.

We all know that the Pandemic has affected the entire world.  Included in the changes we've had to make also made us shift our priorities. Clearly, there were many of us that found ourselves isolated, not only from our family, but from our friends and even co-workers.

To read the entire report click here.