Buying A Home

Navigating the Home Buying Process: Your Comprehensive Guide to Success

Are you ready to embark on the exciting journey of buying your dream home on the Emerald Coast? The process of purchasing a home can be both exhilarating and daunting. To help you navigate this path successfully, we've created a comprehensive guide to the home buying process that you can trust.

Step 1: Define Your Budget

Before you start your house-hunting adventure, it's crucial to determine your budget. Analyze your financial situation, factor in your down payment capability, closing costs, and monthly mortgage payments. Knowing your budget will help you narrow down your choices and save time in the long run.

Step 2: Get Pre-Approved

Getting pre-approved for a mortgage is a game-changer in the home buying process. Consult with a reputable mortgage lender who specializes in the Emerald Coast area. By doing so, you'll gain a clear understanding of your purchasing power and strengthen your position when making an offer.

Step 3: Create a Wish List

What are your must-have features and preferences for your future home? Whether it's a beachfront property, a spacious backyard, or a specific location on the Emerald Coast, create a wish list that guides your search. Your dream home is out there, and knowing what you want is the first step to finding it.

Step 4: Start House Hunting

Now that you've defined your budget and wish list, it's time to start house hunting. Utilize online resources, attend open houses, and work closely with a trusted real estate agent who specializes in the Emerald Coast area. They can help you identify properties that align with your criteria.

Step 5: Make an Offer


Best Beach House Investment Locations in the U.S. for 2023: Top 10 Waterfront Destinations with High ROI

Top 10 Beach House Investment Destinations in the U.S. for 2023: Where to Buy for Maximum ROI

If you've been dreaming of owning a beach house as a vacation home that can also generate rental income, you're not alone. Despite rising real estate prices, the demand for beachfront properties remains strong. Vacation rental management platform Vacasa has recently released its rankings for the best places to buy a beach house in the U.S. in 2023, based on the highest annual cap rate, or rate of return on investment. Here are the top 10 destinations that made the list:

1.Lake Anna, Virginia - With a cap rate of 12.1%, Lake Anna takes the crown as the most profitable waterfront location in the nation. The median home sales price is around $385,000, and the median gross rental revenue is over $69,000.

2.Hatteras Island, North Carolina - This coastal destination attracts millions of visitors each year, and offers a cap rate of 9.51%. The median home sales price in the area is $412,500, and the median annual gross rental revenue is over $58,000.

3.Navarre Beach, Florida - Homes in Navarre Beach sell for a median price of $370,000, and annual gross revenue is just over $50,000, with a cap rate of 9.46%.


Vacasa's 2022 Best Places to Buy a Beach House


Find out where the Top 10 places Vacasa names as the Best Places to Buy a Beach house in America.  You'll be interested in #3 on the list!

Click here to view the March 10th Press Release


Considering your 4-legged members of your Home when moving

According to a study recently conducted by Pew Researchalmost half (44%) of respondents between the ages of 18 to 49 in the United States say that it's "not too likely" or "not at all likely" they will ever have kids.  That surprising statistic is up by 7% from a similar poll conducted in 2018. The reasons varied from not wanting kids, financial reasons or not having a partner.

*Subsequently, it's estimated that two out of every three homes in the United States includes at least one pet, estimated to be about 393.3 million.  95% of pet owners consider their pets to be family members.

Given these statistics, it's not a surprise that pets are now being considered as an integral part in the decision making when purchasing a new home.  They're not only being considered, Buyers are also willing to move to help accomodate their pet.

According to the National Association of Realtor's findings, of the 1,600 homeowners polled, 68% of respondents who weren't living in a pet-friendly home at one time said they moved for the sole purpose of accomodating their pets.  More renters became home buyers because their pets weren't allowed in their rentals.

It seems as if Buyers are seeking more pet-friendly...

Don't Put off buying that new Home! See Why You Should Buy a Home Now!

Making the Case on
why you should 
Buy a Home NOW!

The winds of change are coming, we've seen the signs this past year.

While many have taken advantage of lower home prices, the lowest mortgage rates in history and supply meeting your demand, that is quickly changing.

With the country suffering with higher prices for food, gas and most everything else, housing is also going up as the supply has diminished the demand has grown.  This year we've seen bidding wars, properties being sold at Higher prices than List Price and properties going under contract within of days of hitting the market.

It's hard to predict what to expect with the Real Estate Market for 2022, but this is what we know:

Housing market inventory is still low

Home building has taken longer to complete due to the Pandemic and Supply Chain issues

With Supply Chain issues prices are going higher on most building materials needed for building


What to Look for when Buying an Old Home

If you're looking at Buying an Older Home there are special considerations you'll need to make before signing on the dotted line.

When you've found the home you want, instruct your realtor to write in the contract that the purchase will be contingent upon a complete and clean inspection of the house, from top to bottom.  Older homes were built under different building codes that aren't the same as the codes that are in place now.  You'll need to be assured that the structure is sound with no cracks or surprises.

Click Here to assist you in making the right decision for such a large purchase.


See what Top Designers Look for when House Hunting

If you're having a difficult time envisioning how you want your new home to look like, but know you want a warm and comfortable show-stopping home that everyone will admire, you don't have to just guess.

Read what the Top Designers look for during their Home buying process and you'll have a clearer view of how to make YOUR home FABULOUS!

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Everything you Need to Know about HOA Associations & Fees

*by JUSTIN PRITCHARD - March 28, 2020 -

HOA FEES:  What you Need to Know Before Buying

Homeowners Association (HOA) dues help you share costs with others in your community.  But HOA payments can add a significant amount to your housing expenses.  Before you commit to buying a property with an HOA, get familiary with where your money goes and what to expect with your HOA dues.

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New Construction or Existing Home: Which is Better for your Family?

*Posted on July 16 2020 by Housecall

New Construction or Existing Home:
Which is Better for Your Family?

By Anita Ginsburg

Are you in the market to buy a home? If so, then you may be trying to decide between new construction or purchasing an existing home. With your home being such a huge purchase, you need to be sure you make the best choice for your family.

Here are some things you should consider when trying to determine whether new construction or an existing home is better for your family:

Your Budget

The biggest deciding factor for many individuals is their budget. Existing homes often come with a cheaper initial price tag; however, there may also be some incentives for purchasing a new construction home that can make them more affordable in the long run.

Whether or Not You Want to Make Repairs

Existing homes usually have repairs that need to be made. Things may break more often than you think, and fixing them requires time, energy and money. Some individuals are handy and don't mind making a few repairs here and there, while others...