Can the Experts Really Predict what's in Store for the 2022 Housing Market?

Not only has the entire world been on a wild ride these past couple of years, the Housing Market has experienced its share of unforeseen challenges!

For Sellers its been a dream come true, with multiple buyers swooping in and above-list price offers the first day it goes on the market.  Some Buyers ready to move in with Cash purchases.

For Buyers it's been pretty demanding and almost becoming a full-time job to try and be the first one to make a move on a house once it pops up on the screen.  They've had to rely on photos they see or videos their realtor has made to decide to make an offer NOW!!!  Many have lost sleep and wondered if they would ever find something they love, or if they do love it how much will they need to offer to get theirs accepted.

The Pandemic, no doubt, has thrown everyone for a curve, whether they've been in the Real Estate Market or not.  Who knows what to expect with the virus not seeming to let up.

So how can anyone be able to predict how the market will be in 2022?  Too many variables for anyone to know.  Mortgage rates.... Home prices, Supply shortages, you name it.

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