2 Area Communities Recognized as BearWise

2 additional communities, one in Santa Rosa Beach and one at Hurlburt Field have now been recognized and added to the BearWise Community Recognition Program.  In order to be recognized, the communities need to meet all 6 BearWise Basics requirements.

Communities bordering forests or wildlife preserves are more proned to having wild animals enter their communities. The Cypress Dunes community is one of those that have recognized this problem and are taking extra measures to keep the wildlife out.

Due to the increase of human-bear interaction recently the Homeowners Association in this community met with the Florida Fish and Wildlife authorities to see what they can do to mitigate this problem.  They feel one way to do this is by purchasing bear-resistant trash cans for every owner's dwelling and required their use in 2016.

As Hurlburt Field is also bordering a wildlife area they, too, experienced these issues and have begun taking this matter in their own hands, requiring bear-resistant dumpsters to be used in all on-base properties.

To learn more about how your community can be a "BearWise" community click here.

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