10 Reasons why your Home isn't Selling

*10 Reasons Why Your Home Isn't Selling Posted on Aug 31 2021 by Jameson Doris

It's a Seller's Market but your Home isn't Selling
See how you can turn things around!

Even though this is a Seller's Market we're experiencing, sometimes your home just isn't making the cut. 

Below are the Top 10 Reasons why, so you can take action!

1.  You've overvalued your property
2.  The description on your listing wasn't capturing potential Buyer's attention
3.  You are present during showings
4.  You're too attached
5.  You've moved and your home is empty
6.  You have too much personal decor in your home.
7.  Your home improvements were customized to your likes
8.  Your home is too cluttered
9.  Too many repairs are needed
10. You chose the wrong Realtor

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