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Skip Fells
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As a native of Alabama, and 20 year Air Force veteran, Skip Fells is an integral part of the Delawalla Group. With over half of his career served flying special operations missions out of Hurlburt Field, Skip knows the Emerald Coast and surrounding communities intimately.   

A retired CV-22B Osprey Flight Engineer, Skip understands the dedication required in the service of others.  Holding a degree in Aviation Operations and instructing in the Air Force towards the end of his career, he is well accustomed to multitasking and personnel management. 

Travelling the globe and moving to different duty stations over the span of his career, Skip is keenly aware of the complexities in home buying, selling, marketing and positioning as well as the management of timelines necessary to orchestrate intricate transactions. 

Skip enjoys fishing, hunting, and exploring the country with his family in his spare time.  He also spends time advising service members who are transitioning out of the military and back into the civilian life.